I surely truly was born with love for animals especially dogs and when I was a little child I didn't want anything more than my own dog. I had to become a grown up till I realized my childhood dream and in 2005 the long desired day finally came where my male Rhodesian Ridgeback "Ntchwaidumela Cheduba Conito" moved in with me - followed by 2 female Rhodesian Ridgebacks "Ntchwaidumela East Barbarella" and "Ntchwaidumela Audacia Minora". The detailed story to the Ridgebacks , you can find here:

Due to recent changes and developments in the breed, I had to refrain my original plans from breeding the Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Sometimes its better to let go of for once what you love.

The dog world is colorful and thrilling and soon I decided to bring some variety into our household. I started to study more about different breeds to find the perfect little add-on to our family.

My decision felt for the English Toy Terrier, an old historical breed, rarely to find in our days, especially in Germany, which is truly hard for me to comprehend. After my first fantasizes, it took some time of course and required patience on my part till in Spring 2011 , the little English Toy Terrier Lady "Yurrugar Diamonds N Dreams" arrived in our life and became part of the family.

With "Nox" I am looking more and more excited into our future while I am hoping that one day little "Pawspride"-puppies will not only enrich my but also the life of their new owners and I`ll be able to establish a little but exclusive breed. Until then we still have a long way to go, Nox has to grow up, has to do some health checks and pass her breeding examination. And it has to be the right time and idea for a mating. My own requirements are high - everything simply needs to be perfect.

Yurrugar Diamonds N Dreams