The Breed

The English Toy Terrier is closely related to the Manchester Terrier and can look back on a centuries-old history. Back then in 1862, the so called "Black and Tan" dogs had been divided into different weight categories. The English Toy Terrier originated later from the "Miniature Black and Tan Terrier".

The dogs had been used for parasites -/ pest control, rats and mices and since the Brits also have a weakness for gambling and contests, the dogs soon represented their owners in killing as many rats as possible competitions. At that time the Miniature Black and Tan Terrier was very popular and found its role as guardian and companion dog.

Over time the breed lost popularity and numbers dropped drastically. Recently the Miniature Black and Tan Terrier enjoys a comeback in enthusiasts and breeder circles.

While the Europeans had the "Manchester Terrier" and the "English Toy Terrier" as breeds based on the "Black and Tan" ancestors - in the USA the "Toy Manchester Terrier" won recognition as a variety to the Manchester Terrier. The "Toy Manchester Terrier" is registered within the FCI and used for breeding programs of the English Toy Terrier. In my opinion this has a positive impact on the race.

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The English Toy Terrier may have the prefix Toy - but be aware that this dog breed is everything else but a toy!

It is a playful, smart-cheeky dog, very energetic, boppy and should be raised and trained as consequent as any other big dog. Looking back to the history of this dog, it should be clear , that this dog has character and strength with a healthy hunting and play instinct.

The English Toy Terrier is not a couch potato. It needs entertainment, fresh air, activities and exercises.

Agility is the perfect sport for the little "Speedy Gonzales" and supports their velocity, mobility and ambition. Also retrieve training is a great fun for these dog breed. The English Toy Terrier is a flexible all-rounder, eager to learn and adapt to new challenges with a bright ability to learn and understanding. It makes a good companion for your daily exercises, attentive in its natural environment and a good guardian dog.

The perfect partner for active people, its a curious breed, always on the side and has the huge advantage as a matter of its size, to be transportable even as hand luggage on flights. Get ready to fly and your little friend can share beautiful holiday moments with you everywhere.

On the website of the KfT is a list of German ETT breeders published. If you are interested in purchasing a puppy of this breed, please inform yourself in details. Take the chance to experience the ETT live and check carefully the parents health condition. A good breeder will always take the time to provide guidance and consultation and will point out the pro's and con's of the breed. Be prepared to answer many questions. If this is not the case, please keep your hands away and question the credibility.

Don't rush - take your time to find your new friend.

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